Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna is gearing up to introduce a legislative proposal aimed at amending certain provisions of the Energy Act of 2019. This move comes as the senator continues his battle against what he alleges are influential cartels operating in the energy sector, whom he accuses of contributing to the high electricity prices in the country.

The proposed bill, already made public by Senator Sifuna, is designed to achieve three primary objectives. Firstly, it seeks to prevent Kenya Power from entering into new Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) without a clear demonstration of the necessity for additional power capacity. Likewise, the legislation aims to prevent Kenya Power from granting generation licenses to any entity that does not fully disclose its beneficial owners.

“I’m optimistic that this initiative will garner support from all quarters,” stated Senator Sifuna in a released statement.

Furthermore, Sifuna’s bill also intends to compel Kenya Power to prioritize electricity generated from more cost-effective green sources rather than relying heavily on thermal sources.

Senator Sifuna has been diligently crafting this bill with the objective of curbing the influence of powerful cartels in the power generation sector, and its development has been underway for some time.

In August, reports emerged suggesting that the senator had drafted an amendment to the Energy Act, with the primary aim of fortifying regulations due to concerns about the high electricity prices faced by consumers in Kenya. During this period, the senator accused Kenya Power of favoring costly thermal power generators over more economical green alternatives.

Sifuna highlighted the role of a critical position within Kenya Power called a “dispatcher,” an individual responsible for overseeing all power generation facilities and deciding which power sources are added to the grid and when they are added.

In alignment with this goal, Senator Sifuna expressed his readiness to amend the Energy Act, with a specific focus on enhancing transparency, particularly concerning the dispatcher’s role.

Senator Sifuna, representing Nairobi, voiced his apprehensions about the infiltration of a formidable energy cartel within the sector. This cartel, he contends, has hindered the prioritization of five vital power grid projects crucial for ensuring a more dependable national grid. These concerns have arisen due to persistent power outages experienced in various parts of the country.

Senator Sifuna emphasized that the proposed bill aims to address the issue of influential cartels operating within Kenya Power, underlining the urgency of these measures in light of the recurring power disruptions.

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